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1586 Bush, SF, CA
We help beginners and those in chronic pain get into shape and out of pain with hot yoga.
Change happens here.

It starts the moment you walk in. Every time you walk in it declares dedication to your healing. Change happens in every breath. With each breath you release struggle and stress.
Allowing struggle to rise and pass. Allowing communion with your body. Allowing old patterns to release from your body and mind. 

Here, discover your power. Trust your capability by pushing beyond the edges of what you believe to be possible. Know the solid ground under your feet. 

This is your community. They are here with a common intention. Bond together. It is yours to cultivate.
Our Mission
Our goal is to provide you a community that is fun, safe and supportive of Hatha yoga practice. A place to get the individual attention and guidance to help you grow and change.

Many of our members come to us as beginners, with chronic injuries or unfavorable lifestyle habits. Where ever you are at or when you start it does not matter. With a regular practice, supportive teachers and community, your pain and life will change!

Our staff will make sure you get the personal attention you need. Our community at the studio is friendly and supportive. There is no “yoga attitude” at the C.Y.C.

Our beginner classes emphasize good solid basics and you will learn how to be safe in any yoga class. Gain an impressive amount of overall strength and flexibility through regular practice.
Our Yoga
The Hot Yoga of the Monnier Method is a unique method of Hot Yoga. It is an evolution of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage. Our 85-95 degree heated classes will eliminate your pain, reshape your body and completely change your life.

The heat allows you to stretch safely and the series is specifically choreographed to provide a safe rigorous workout for all levels.

Our Method is a physically intense and therapeutic  experience! 

You will sweat, you will sleep better and want to get back to class quickly because you will feel fantastic.

Being lead by a experienced teachers through 60-75 minutes of 40-45 therapeutic poses will rehabilitate existing injuries, improve overall fitness, flush out and detoxify the internal organs.

For those with physical limitations, we will work with you and provide effective modifications. 

Regular practice quickly leads to pain relief and a stronger, healthy, more relaxed body and mind.Our classes can be done by anyone! You will sweat, heal your injuries and leave feeling more relaxed then ever.