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How we can help

Imagine doing something that leaves you more relaxed then ever. Something that frees you from your pain, honors your limitations, and inspires you to do something good for yourself everyday.

Imagine sleeping better, feeling stronger, feeling better and being less stressed in your life.

Imagine being supported by an accepting community and taught by confident, experienced teachers. Where can you get all of this in one place?

In one of our beginning Hot Yoga classes.

Who Is Body Tonic SF?

Our goal is to provide you a space that is fun, safe and supportive of Hot yoga practice. A place to get the individual attention and guidance to help you grow and change.

Many of our members come to us as beginners, with chronic injuries. or unfavorable lifestyle habits. Where ever you are at when you come it does matter. With regular practice, supportive teachers and community, your pain and life will change!

The staff will make sure you get the personal attention you need and the community at the studio will be friendly. There is no “yoga attitude” at Body Tonic SF.

Our beginner classes emphasize good solid basics and you will learn how to be safe in any yoga class. Gain an impressive amount of overall strength and flexibility through regular practice.

Our approach is fun and focused on getting noticeable results.

The 4 Step Method

We teach a powerful, proven, unique process that provides a step by step path towards ending chronic pain, improving physical fitness and wellness.

It’s process we have helped thousands of people use to get amazing transformations in the body.

Beginning with yoga, your journey will take you through tweaking your nutrition, using our rapid results system to be able to move freely without pain.

It’s NOT a magic pill..

It DOES take focused effort and consistency..

And it DOES produce amazing results.

The Yoga

The Hot Yoga of the Monnier Method is a unique method of Hot Yoga. It is an evolution of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage. 

Our 85-95 degree heated classes are life-changing. The heat allows you to stretch safely and the series is specifically choreographed to provide a safe rigorous workout for all levels.

You will be lead by experienced teachers through 60-75 minutes of 40-45 therapeutic poses which rehabilitate existing injuries, improve overall fitness, flush out and detoxify the internal organs.

For those with physical limitations, we will work with you and provide effective modifications. Regular practice quickly leads to pain relief and a stronger, healthy, more relaxed body and mind.

Our classes can be done by anyone! You will sweat, heal your injuries and leave feeling more relaxed then ever.

Kind Words From Our Students..


Stacy's Story:

Body Tonic has had a profound positive impact on my recovery and mental well being since I’ve been going class. and it’s only been three months. 

 To say that the Brian and Body Tonic has been a game changer for me is an extreme understatement. Last December I broke my ankle and fractured my tibia in 13 places (it was a Pilon Fracture). I was non-weight bearing, on bed rest, for 3 months. That was followed by another 3 months of gradually increasing the amount of weight I could put on my left foot. That process took me from a walker, a knee scooter, crutches and finally a walking boot. 

 On August 8, 2018 I went to my 8-month check-up with my surgeon and received a devastating diagnosis. That was that my range of motion would likely not improve EVER. At the same time my physical therapist discharged me from my weekly therapy because she felt there was no longer a value add to my recovery. It was a serendipitous 3 days later that someone in my apartment building who had seen me through my stages of recovery told me about the Body Tonic. 

 I called Brian the next day. He asked about my injury and my recovery to date. Brian’s response was respectfully, he wouldn’t accept the diagnosis of the surgeon and that he could help. He said it would just take time and dedication on my part. I went to my first class that same day. I’ve been going to class regularly and have seen and felt a radical improvement in my ankle range of motion, the strength of my ankle and foot and my walking stamina. Before I started going to class, I was limited to a few block walking radius. Today, I don’t have those limitations. My journey so far has been fantastic and I am so thankful for my improvement. But what’s even more exciting and motivating is that I know my journey and recovery is really only starting now. I couldn’t be more appreciative of the amazing space and experience that the Body Tonic has given me.


Mitzi's Story:

When I walked into Brian’s studio in March 2009, I was recovering from my third knee ACL surgery and was just diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis and sciatic leg pain. I also just had in the 2 months prior, 2 epidural procedures to relieve the pain in my lower back with no success. I was going to physical rehab twice a week, having massages, was on all kinds of pain medication and no relief. My back doctor told me that if nothing was working, our next step was surgery with no guarantees. I was slowly going into a depression and spent a lot of time in bed, could barely walk, move and was in extreme pain 24/7.

My life slowly started to change when I met Brian. I discovered his studio after having lunch at Delfina where I was trying to eat away my worries. I read the testimonials on his wall, checked out his website and liked the fact that he specialized in people with injuries. I had tried all other remedies for my back with no progress so what did I have to lose? The $30 unlimited offer didn’t hurt either.

Brian was great from the very first day I walked in. He asked me all kinds of questions regarding my injuries and assured me that he would be able to accommodate my restrictions. It was not easy for me in the beginning as I was very limited in my range of motion. This was quite frustrating for me since I used to be a very active person prior to all my surgeries. I used to work out with a personal trainer twice a week, run/walk, ski. Brian just kept on encouraging me and showing me ways to do the poses so as not to aggravate all my other ailments.

I have been coming to Brian’s studio for almost a year now and what a difference he has made in my life. I try to come at least 5x a week. All that practice has paid off because now I stand straighter, more flexible, stronger in the core, no more back pain, lower blood pressure and the upside is I have lost almost 20lbs. This is great since it is putting less strain on my joints. I still limp from my sciatic pain but my doctors have told me that this takes time and that I am on my way to hopefully being pain free! I am no longer going to physical therapy because Brian has taken me to another whole level that therapy could no longer give me.


Sydne's Story:

Back in September, I was faced with a decision. As I was approaching my 26th birthday, I was already starting to have daily knee pain and hip pain. I had tried and failed to “lose the weight” since middle school. I had tried all sorts of different diets and nothing stuck. I had two choices: keep going on the path I was headed down or make a permanent change. I knew I didn’t want to end up with type 2 diabetes and mobility issues, I knew I wanted better for myself. I decided to take a serious look at my health, drop the excuses, and really go for it. 

This time felt so different because I was finally doing it for the right reasons. I wasn’t trying to fit into some new dress or to look like the girls in the magazines, I was doing this for my health. My goal is to be strong and fit and to FEEL BETTER–no longer just to look better. I started making changes to my diet, drinking tons of water, and fearlessly trying new forms of exercise. I signed up for Brian’s Transformation Camp in October, and it really helped to put me on the right foot on my journey to fitness. I feel so much stronger and more active than I was even just a few months ago. My body can do all sorts of things it couldn’t do before, and I’m so excited because I know this is just the beginning. I already know what happens when I quit, so this time I’m going to see what happens when I keep going


Aaron' Story:

I’ve never been a new-agey or eastern philosophy kind of guy. I don’t know if my chakras are aligned or what would happen if they weren’t (it sounds terrible!). I’ve never been into astrology, although that kind of skepticism is pretty typical of a Sagittarius. My friend had to drag me to my first yoga class at Body Tonic. It just didn’t seem like the kind of thing that would appeal to me at all.

My first class with Brian had no drum circles or meditation, but was an absolutely brutal workout. By the time we got to the ab series I was praying for the either the end of class to come or the sweet, sweet release of death. But I survived, and came back. I have never found any sort of exercise that didn’t bore me quickly. Brian doesn’t just tell you to do things, he tells you why. He recognizes your specific problems and how to work through them. In my case, my problems started with my freakishly flat feet. Yoga has helped me rebuild my arches which were causing other problems throughout my body. Yoga has also helped my fitness overall dramatically. I’ve lost over 40lbs in the last year from doing yoga and eating more of these things called “vegetables” which is apparently food that grows right out of the ground (yeah, I’m not fully sold on that yet either).

Brian and the classes at the Body Tonic have, quite literally, changed my life. Bill’s classes on the weekend are no joke either. He also won’t let you settle for anything less than your best effort. At first I was just looking to get into shape, and now I really want to understand and get better at the poses. And who knows, maybe there is something to that mental calm thing after all. Since I’ve started yoga, I have no longer felt it necessary to create a monkey army to destroy my enemies. I’m joking of course — that would be really impractical. It’s quite difficult to find monkey sized military fatigues.


Wendy's Story:

I remember when this was taken. I certainly didn’t start yoga being able to do this. I remember being so stiff and out of shape that achieving this pose seemed impossible. I used to have a recurrent upper back injury and horribly painful and crackling knees, both of which were worsened by every day stress and being overweight.

When I first started practicing yoga at Body Tonic, a good portion of the poses had to be modified because of my injuries and limitations. I was quite wobbly, very stiff, and, thinking back, probably laughable. Through constant adjustment and coaching, Brian helped me to become stronger and more stable and to do more than I ever thought I could.

After just a month, I noticed my posture was better, I had more energy, and I generally just felt better. After six months of going to class three to five times per week, I had lost 27 pounds and started re-shaping my whole body. I was becoming stronger and more flexible each day, not to mention calmer and more focused in my daily life and yoga practice. Over the next year and half, I continued to lose inches and build muscle in my hips, shoulders, arms, chest, ribs, stomach, and thighs. Yes, getting into smaller sizes rocks! Through consistent practice, my whole body got stronger, my upper back no longer hurts, and daily stresses just don’t bother me the way they once did.

I don’t just love going to yoga, I look forward to it. While many exercise trends, fads, programs come and go, I can see myself doing this for a life time. Thanks Brian! You changed by life!!

Next steps


It will teach you the process and prep you for the journey we will be leading you though.

Then, You'll start with 1 week of classes so we can check each other out.

After that, we move everyone into 12 weeks of yoga.

You will practice 3-5 times a week (we require 3 times minimum)

We will provide you with the instruction to be safe, the tools to create good habits and support to help you through your process.

After 12 weeks you will see impressive changes to your health and body.

10 Reasons To Get Started..


Our Hot Yoga creates amazing energy that will make you shine. Your skin will glow, your presence becomes infectious, and your confidence will make you rockstar in your life.


One of the first benefits people see is they fall asleep easier and wake up feeling fully rested and restored ready to take on the new day.


Need a natural coffee buzz? Do 3-5 classes a week for 30 days and you will get a natural buzz from all the energy you create!


Doing Yoga makes you happier. The stress of your life will not matter. Regardless of what it is, things that are stress will no longer bug you!


Need we say more?


You will become physically higher and begin to carry your body differently. Your posture will improve and you will walk taller. You will become mentally higher and will feel more confident, more focused and less stressed. And you thought you could never be a super hero!


Yoga is healing. It’s physical therapy for your entire body. When you try to perform the postures the right way, your body will begin to change and improve. You will work through old injuries and rid yourself or significantly reduce pain. Your immune system will get improve and you will get sick less often. If you do get sick it will be for a shorter duration.


Yoga is YOUR time to unplug each minute is a great escape from the daily rat race. There is no time to think about problems or your “to do” list. You will be 100% focused on your body and your breath.


Yoga people have an amazing community of really cool, positive people. You will be surrounded by others that are interested in improving their lives and leading healthy lifestyles. We’ll surround you and make you like us!

You Are Never Too Sick, Never Too Injured, Never Too Old, Never Too ANYTHING To Get Started And Start Feeling Better