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1 Week for only $20
You DESERVE some self care. Want to be more successful in your life? Would you like to FINALLY feel like your have made a significant break through in your life and see your body change? Ready to sleep better, have more energy, be more toned and have any aches and pains just go away? Then it's time to start doing yoga..
Here's is what you will get:
  • You body will begin so get more toned after doing our physically challenging yoga .
  •  Get relief from back, neck or other joints pain because our style of yoga is at heart a THERAPEUTIC experience.
  •  Become a lighthouse of positive things because your stress will become non-existent and you will just feel better
  •  Watch your body become more flexible and resistant to injury from other activities.
  •  For New Clients Only or those who have not been to the studio in 6 months.
  •  All Clients must make an appointment via our webpage to insure you get a space.   
  •  Voucher expires 30 days after purchase. 
  •  Time on offer begins on date of first class booked. 
  •  Limit 1 per customer, may be given as a gift 
  •  No refunds, no extentions, no execptions