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Hi, I'm Brian Monnier the owner of the California Yoga Company.

Welcome to your personal journey in healing and becoming more powerful in your life.

Starting a yoga practice is a very personal experience and I want to applaud you for taking the step.

This is going to be a process.
You will have ups and downs. 

Don't worry..

It's Yoga, embrace the process and let go..

Everything will be alright.
Be Ready To Go Deeper Then The Workout.
It is popular for studios to market towards the physical side of yoga.

Now here is where I am going to get really honest with you.

Because you have chosen yoga, you are at some level aware that the physical changes you want are rooted in something deeper then just a workout.

Yoga takes you to the root of what is holding you back in all areas of your life.

Be ready, because at some point along your path it will happen. 

It will get REALLY real, sometimes scary and it's all part of the process. 

Once you go through it.. It's fixed for good.
Here is the process to get a body transformation
Tapping into the person you are wanting to unleash is actually a fairly simple (not easy) process.

First, you will need to set an intention of what you want to work on within yourself.

Do you want fat loss, ease of chronic pain, stress relief, to feel more flexible or more connected to yourself?

Don't skip this step!! It's critical part of unlocking the deep motivation needed to get through those times when your want to quit. You NEED a target to go towards!

Next is to examine your nutrition and lifestyle habits.

This is one that no one likes to do but this is where 85% of the results you are looking for happen.

You can not out exercise poor nutrition but more importantly bad lifestyle habits.

Getting more organic foods, drinking less booze, sleeping 8-10 hours a night, upping your water intake are things that really make a difference in your success. It's were the health benefits and body transformation happen.

Last is the right style of physical exercise.

Now "right style" is about what your internal systems can handle.

If your nutrition and lifestyle are poor then doing high intensity exercise will not only be detrimental, but allow motivation killing. That's because your body simple can't handle the intensity.

Starting with something less taxing on the system will give you faster and more profound gains.

Once you have a laid out process that honors these 3 things you will see the results you are looking for.
What We Do:
We are guides for those who make the choice to use Yoga as their choice for health and wellness.

We have done for you step by step process that will help you set your intention, teach you the changes to your nutrition and lifestyle you personal need to do and a yoga that can be modified for your personal needs for the growths you want.

Our staff teaches the fundamentals of a safe and sustainable Yoga practice. 

Placing importance on doing postures with proper alignment to provide a rigorous physical experience.

Guiding you through the maze of redefining your relationship with not only your body but what you put in it.

There is a symbiotic relationship to the physical changes you want and the nutrition and lifestyle habit you have.

We can guide you through that process. 
Our Yoga
The Hot Yoga of the Monnier Method is a unique method of Hot Yoga. It is an evolution of the Bishnu Ghosh lineage. Our 85-95 degree heated classes will eliminate your pain, reshape your body and completely change your life.

The heat allows you to stretch safely and the series is specifically choreographed to provide a safe rigorous workout for all levels.

Our Method is a physically intense and therapeutic experience!

You will sweat, you will sleep better and want to get back to class quickly because you will feel fantastic.
Being lead by a experienced teachers through 60-75 minutes of 40-45 therapeutic poses will rehabilitate existing injuries, improve overall fitness, flush out and detoxify the internal organs.

For those with physical limitations, we will work with you and provide effective modifications.
Regular practice quickly leads to pain relief and a stronger, healthy, more relaxed body and mind.

Our classes can be done by anyone! You will sweat, heal your injuries and leave feeling more relaxed then ever.
Our Guarantee
Do Our Yoga 3-5 times a week and your life will change!
Here is what our clients say
The Monnier Method changed my life.

Quite the statement, but true. I walked into the studio 6 years ago, overweight, inflexible, stressed out, and intimidated because I had never done yoga before. I stood in the back of the class so no one would notice how I struggled with the poses, but when I noticed everyone was focused on their own practice of varying levels and was treated with a supportive environment from both the students and the instructors, I let go of worrying and dove right into practice.

One of the biggest benefits I have personally experienced (aside from the GLORIOUS stress reduction) by practicing yoga here is greater awareness of my body – and this is where the weight loss and greater flexibility comes in. Being aware of how stress, bad nutrition and hours sitting in front of a computer affects my body has helped me make better choices and over time, I’ve adapted these choices into my lifestyle. Brian does offer a comprehensive nutrition program for those who are interested and is an excellent fitness instructor. I had a stubborn last 20 pounds to lose and it sat there for years no matter what I did, but after working with Brian, that weight started falling off – and I’m at an age where pounds are supposed to pile on!
I walked into Brian’s old studio on Russian Hill, a few months late in fulfilling a New Year’s resolution. Not only had I never tried yoga, but I’d never been very athletic at all. In fact, I was a wreck: overweight, out of shape and nursing multiple injuries — one of which I’d just been told would probably require surgery.

Brian assured me that my injuries would be no obstacle, and that yoga would help them heal and perhaps even allow me to escape the surgery. He gave me a set of modifications to follow for nearly every pose. For a year or two my attendance was spotty: work schedule, an ailing father and injury flare-ups all meant that it was a good week if I got to class at all. But that occasional class gave me great relief from stress, and was always followed by a few days of reduced pain. 

For the past year I’ve been practicing 3-5 times a week, have dropped over 50 pounds and all but a few modifications, and the injury for which I had a surgical consult hardly ever bothers me — no surgery required!

I really appreciate Brian’s teaching style: his calm-but-authoritative voice, his humor, and his knowledge. Yoga has made a huge difference in my life and I expect it to be a life-long pursuit.
How To Get Into Our Classes
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